Housing Services

Emergency Home Repairs

EHRP - Emergency Home Repair Program

The goal of the EHRP is to improve the living conditions of very low-income persons by removing imminent health and safety hazards and/or barriers to habitability in their homes. Funds under this program may be used to make emergency repairs and accessibility improvements to housing units occupied by very low-income families and or individuals who meet the requirements set forth in Client Eligibility.  The use of in-house labor to make repairs the use of in-house labor to make repairs is an allowable expenditure.

Repairs which may be performed with EHRP funds are:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Structural Repairs where hazards exist
  • Roof Repair / Replacement
  • Electrical Repairs where hazards exist
  • Repair / Replacement of heating systems

Accessibility Improvements:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Hand railing and grab bars
  • Kitchen and bathroom adapters
  • Doorway Widening

The maximum assistance must not exceed an average of $1,000. 

For further information please use the following contact information.

John Saunders, Director of Housing
18 S. Main Street
Chatham, VA 24531
Ph: 434-432-5627
Fx: 434-432-0703

Mailing address:

Pittsylvania County Community Action, Inc.
c/o Housing Department
P.O. Box 1119
Chatham, VA 24531

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